Amy Shannon, President and CEO of Loving Paws discusses how Soos Pet products have helped her dog, Camelot.

Camelot had suffered from food and contact allergies that led to hair loss and a variety of skin conditions, making him very sensitive to all products. Amy was happy to find Soos Pets, the first shampoo and conditioner that was gentle enough not to irritate Camelot or make his condition worse. Amy uses the Mineral Rich Mud Shampoo and the Hypoallergenic Revitalizing Conditioner.


Nancy Bryson reviews and gives a tutorial on Soos™ Deep Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner, Soos™ Mineral Rich Mud Shampoo and Soos™ Two-In-One Shampoo and Conditioner

Nancy Bryson has been grooming since 1976. She owned and operated Bryson Academy of Grooming/Dogs by Bryson Professional Grooming Salon in Caledon East, Ontario where she taught both the beginner and the professional, from 1995 to 2008. She currently operates Dogs By Bryson Professional Grooming salon and instructs professionals, in skill advancement workshops. Nancy is a member of the advisory committee for Sheridan College's "Animal Care Veterinarian Technician Program". She is a Certified Groomer with I.P.G., a member of the Wahl Xtreme Team, and has been an active member of the Ontario Dog Groomers Association since its founding. She served as president from 1990 to 1993 and was voted their Grooming Personality of the Year for 2000, 2002 & 2004. In competition, Nancy had an impressive win record, undefeated in the Terrier, Sporting and Creative categories. She is well known in the Canadian industry for her scissoring and creative styling. In 2009 Nancy became the first recipient of the Paws Way Centre's Groomer of the Year Award. Her professional credentials have earned her work as an industry demonstrator & speaker and competition judge. She has appeared both on television and in national magazines.

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Laura Fyfe Director of Fundraising and Events Boxer Rescue Ontario


Michelle Carvalho Director, Fundraising & Events Canadian Dachshund Rescue


Saren S. Labrador Owner & Rescue Volunteer


 Soos™ Customer on Rescue Cream Labrador owner Lab suffers from hot spot 


Karen Sept. 20, 2015


Best shampoo

I can not say enough about Thier mud shampoo and conditioner it is the best product I have found. With 4 yorkies the there coat requires hydration, this prod...

– Mary ellen on Soos Pets Gift Card


Smells great, works even better.

This shampoo is amazing. I'm a groomer and my company tested this product out not only does it smell fabulous (seriously I want to use it for myself) it's cr...

– Anik Singh on Natural Dead Sea Mineral Rich Mud Pet Shampoo For Dogs & Cats 

Great Product! 

I have a Pug who just had babies. She is very dry and itchy from the hormonal changes in her body. I bought the shampoo hoping it would help relieve her itchiness and it did!  Not only did it help calm down her itchiness it left her smelling nice and feeling soft!

Great product

Jo Dec. 1, 2015 

Switching for good.

I am super excited about using up my current shampoos, and changing - for good - to your brand. My daughter's dog, Tuffie, has chronic skin issues. She tells me that Tuffie responded better to the mineral mud than to the prescription shampoo. 

Pam & Oggy Nov. 23, 2015 

I'm happy to give kudos to SOOS.
I was at the Pet Expo in Toronto with my Dog Duke. It was the evening before, we were setting up, when I noticed that my rescue Duke had a painful looking rash, that was reds can scabby, in his hind area and on one of his legs. I didn't have anything with me and I was concerned about him being uncomfortable ( or it getting worse) all weekend. So I started looking around and spotted SOOS and saw it was a dead sea product. I headed over hoping they could help. They recommended this amazing rescue Dead Sea product and told me how to use it. I headed back to the hotel to give it a try. I put some on that evening, and when I checked the next morning I was thrilled. The scabs just wiped off. The skin areas that had been red and painfully inflamed looking were now back to normal and soft feeling. So Not only was I relieved, but it saved me a trip to the vet in an unfamiliar city! I went back and got another product the next day and am looking forward to use it. I also have to note, I was impressed by the staff at the booth, they were friendly and knowledgeable and obviously were genuinely interested in ensuring my fur baby Duke got the help he needed. A great company that I'm sure will become a favourite of pet owners! Here's a picture of my Duke!

Karen Sept. 20, 2015

I love that I can use your products on my dog AND cat!

I also really, really love your Revitalizing Leave-In. The both shed so much less now! Before I heard about you, their hair left such a mess. I've tried some of your others too and have only had great experiences. Looking forward to trying more. You're products are awesome.

Remy Berkley Sept. 6, 2015

I just recently tried one of your shampoos on my Golden Retriever Puppy.

I have to say, his hair feels amazingly soft. I was looking for a product that would be gentle, natural and affordable! Will recommend to all my pet owning friends!

Sydney Aug. 30, 2015

Amazing products!!!

We have a Morkie with long hair that's like wool so it's very prone to matting. Before I used your product, I couldn't even pick him up without my fingers getting caught. His fur is so soft now. It hasn't even flattened down and it doesn't look greasy at all. He stays fluffy! I want to use it on myself. I used to be a stylist in a high end salon so I know a good product when I see one. You should sell this for people in salons! Thank you so much for this wonderful product! It's Gold!

Yvette G Aug. 1, 2015